British Speedway Files
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**Files** marked with  **    **  have changed from the 2017 versions

All Spreadsheets are 'Future Proofed' to enable re-use in the following seasons.
(Providing that the current format remains in operation.)

All Spreadsheets are .xlsx format.

SGB PREMIERSHIP_2018 Premiership League Table Calculator. (5.00)
  (8 Team Premiership League)
Includes separated A + B Match Tables

**SGB CHAMPIONSHIP_2018** Championship League Table Calculator. (5.00)
(11 Team Championship League & League Cup)
**NL_2018** National League Table Calculator (5.00)
(10 Team National League)

 Match Programme File. (6:00)
  (15 heat Match Programme File, % Heat wins/gate shown)
Two x Match Formats to suit ALL League & Aggregate Matches

(Just type in R, B, W & Y and MP_2018 will work out Points, BP & TR double points! )
Results at your fingertips! MP_2018 Can be used to save match details on your PC, throughout the season.
Watching LIVE on BT SPORTS? Follow the action with your own Match Programme.
Programme details for up to 60 matches can be saved with instant access from a single click on the Index sheet.
**TM_2018** Average Spreadsheet.
Now produced as a Template which the user can easily adapt for any League.
[Variable Rolling Average] (7:00)
(IMPORTANT! You may need to input details of each riders' previous season scores to obtain a true Rolling Average )
Add 3:00 if ordering a pre-filled TM  for a particular team/season.
2018 Averages DO NOT include previous seasons results.

  20 riders, Rolling Averages,  Green Sheet Averages (- Bonus Points), CMA (inc BP)
Automatic Tactical Ride (T/R) scores / average calculation.


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Existing Customers (who have purchased prior to January 2018) are entitled to a 1:00 discount on GP & SWC Spreadsheets

Note: GP2018 & SWC 2017 are "Future Proofed"
Venues and Dates are now editable allowing the user to re-use the Spreadsheet for as long as the current format is in operation.

GP_2018 Grand Prix Spreadsheet
 ( Up to 12 GP rounds, Cumulative Totals, 'Gate' statistics.)
 20 Heats + Finals.
3-2-1-0 Grand Final scores
(As previously used by Sam Ermolenko on Sky TV)
(This file is priced at 6.00 and is not supplied as part of the multi-file prices listed above)

Speedway of Nations 2018.
2018 SoN Race Off 1 & 2 (6:00)

2018 SoN Final (2 Day Event) (7:00)
Purchase both Events (RO & Final) for just 10:00

SWC_2017  World Cup Final Spreadsheet.
(2 x Qualifying Rounds, Semi-Final and Grand Final. Gate Statistics)
(This file is priced at 6.00 and is not supplied as part of the multi-file prices listed above)

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Football Files

Football League Table Calculators. (20 team i.e. Premier League, 24 Team i.e. Coca Cola Championship)
Other League tables, involving different numbers of teams, can be supplied. Prices on request. 


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Thanks to Paul Richardson for his invaluable help in the early stages of creating these files.